Title: 12 Essential Tips For New Grandma’s: How to avoid any heartache and love your new grandma’s role (The Ultimate Guides for New Grandma’s and Baby Boomers)
Author: Christobel Edwards
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You’re about to discover some essential home truths about your role as a new grandma. I am sure you are bursting with love, joy and excitement, your baby is having a baby. Congratulations! But as a grandma of two as I discovered to my cost, that my opinion was not always welcome.

Sure you bought up however many children, who have all turned out really well and you can’t wait to pass on your advice, good counsel, support and love to the happy couple, your children.

But wait, childcare has changed dramatically in the last 20 – 30 years, your children have endless sources of information on every aspect of pregnancy, birthing and then childcare. They are probably more informed with the latest thinking than you are. Don’t forget they are the parent’s not you.

Added to this you have the other set of grandparents and with today’s high rate of divorce their may be other step parents involved. Having your first baby can be stressful enough without having to deal with family feuds.
Prospective Parents

Alternatively you may be the lucky young couple who have just discovered that you are having your first child. Family dynamics can become a minefield, you need to remember you are having this baby, it is essential for you to lay the ground rules well in advance. So this little book may be the perfect way for you to open the conversation with your parent’s and in-law’s.

This book goes into a step-by-step strategy that will help you to manage your expectations both as a grandparent and provide the happy couple with a diplomatic way of taking control and setting the ground rules for the pregnancy, birth, and after care that they want

Here is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn….

Learn to keep your mouth shut, let them discover for themselves.
The preparation, agreeing who will do what when, will save heartache
Are you the mother-in-law? You’re daughter-in-law will probably gravitate to her mother.
The shopping and baby shower, who buys what, when?
The new babies birth, do you attend or hover around?
The name, remember it’s not your choice.
What can you do to help during and after the birth?
Remember the camera, may sound obvious but..
The home coming
Breastfeeding and how you can help
How Childcare has changed
The ongoing relationship.

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