Title: 1-Minute Habits: Optimise Your Brain, Form Any Habit And Live A Fulfilled Life
Author: Raghib Ahmed
Price: FREE till 29 Aug 2014
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Why is it so hard to achieve what we want? We’re stuck, frustrated, and wish we weren’t so weak. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact it shouldn’t be that way, because you aren’t actually weak.

The problem is that we are pressured into taking the completely wrong approach to success. The key to success always has been consistency. But we struggle because our usual strategies make us feel overwhelmed until we give up. This is inconsistent.

More importantly, these strategies actually CONFLICT with how the brain is designed, making you face the constant yet needless struggle of You vs. You.

What we need is a strategy that promotes consistency. A strategy that doesn’t conflict with the brain, but actually revolves around it. A strategy so damn simple and easy to follow that anyone can use it, regardless of their circumstance.

This book will reveal that strategy. It reveals the formula of getting your brain to work with you, instead of against you. Through simplified scientific evidence, you will understand why our old ways don’t work, and why 1-Minute Habits are conducive to success.

You won’t just learn why we need 1-Minute Habits, but also HOW to apply them. With an easy to follow practical guide, you will learn exactly how to form 1-Minute Habits. You will learn to optimise your brain, form any habit, and live a fulfilled life.

You will learn how to do less, so you can accomplish more.