Title: Walking Through Glass
Author: Isabelle Goddard
Price: FREE from Feb 14- 16,2013
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars(7)

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Can a phone call change your world forever?

It did Grace Latimer’s. Despite a smart home in Hampstead, a caring partner and a job that keeps her busy, she is dissatisfied. The house isn’t hers, she finds her work tedious and she is beginning to feel uncomfortably controlled by her partner. When Nick Heysham catapults into her life with a request that she help him complete a contract, she is ready to listen. At the same time a trifling and seemingly unrelated job – the haunting of a former school room – drops into her lap.

What Grace doesn’t know is that her search for missing plans from the Great Exhibition of 1851 is set to uncover a story of illicit passion, involving the influential architect, Lucas Royde, and the wife of his sponsor. Nor that the two quests are tragically connected in ways which have remained hidden for a century and a half.

What she doesn’t know either is that events from the past will echo so powerfully in the present that they force her to face the truth of her own life….