Title: The Dogs of Mexico
Author: John J Asher
Price: FREE from Dec 26- 30, 2012
Rating: – out 5.0 stars

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“Robert Bohnert is a former CIA agent who can’t get over the death of his young son. A former colleague offers him a free-
lance assignment: travel to Mexico and pick up some stolen diamonds. Nothing goes as planned, and Bohnert finds him-
self first losing track of the canister and then on the run along with the girlfriend of one of the men who’s pursuing him.…Will
they make it out of Mexico alive, and does the package really contain diamonds? For fans of the TV show “24,” this should
fit the bill.…(K)ill a few hours enjoying the suspense and human drama.” — Publishers WeeklyFormer government agent Robert Bohnert has left the life behind—but it won’t leave him. Broken by the destruction of
his family, he agrees to one last job—this time for the otherside. As a “straightforward” diamond smuggling operation
goes south—literally—Bohnert finds himself trekking through Mexico, pursued by a dangerous alcoholic smuggler, a cross-
dressing hit man, and a psychotic meth addict. An unlikely love story complicates his flight, as the woman who defects
from the side of his pursuers becomes the one person who might offer him salvation, and Bohnert tries to follow an ever-
more-complicated trail—one that leads to a betrayal he never could have imagined.