Title: The Complete Sherlock Holmes
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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The immense talent, passion and literary brilliance that Conan Doyle brought to his work gives him a unique place in English letters… Personally, I’d walk a million in tight boots just to read his letters to the milkman. (Stephen Fry )

Now, as in his lifetime, cab drivers, statesmen, academics, and raggedy-arsed children sit spellbound at his feet… No wonder, then, if the pairing of Holmes and Watson has triggered more imitators than any other duo in literature (John Le Carre )

Why do people still read Sherlock Holmes in an age of DNA testing and electron microscopes? It’s elementary. Holmes has a timeless intelligence that puts him head, shoulders and deer-stalker above all other detectives (Alexander McCall Smith )

Holmes is a mesmerising creation and Conan Doyle a master storyteller (The Times )

I read every Sherlock Holmes story…they have certainly found a permanent place in English literature (Winston Churchill )

The brilliance of the stories lies in the relationship between Holmes and Watson, which is both funny and touching (Jonathan Coe )

The world’s most famous detective (Ruth Rendell )