Title: Swish! Awakening All-Net Accuracy: How To Shoot A Basketball Like A Pro
Author: Gregg Koch
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

All eyes on you….five seconds to play…down by one point…open from 20 feet….are you ready to be the hero?

Make that shot. Be the hero. Become pure from distance. Earn respect and fear. Own opponents with perfect rainbows…Confident. Capable. All-Net. Okay to awesome…decent to deadly..torch the nets by doing what the best NBA pros do when it counts….SWISH.

Swish! Awakening All-Net Accuracy is a fully illustrated, comprehensive guide to transform you into a player who can pile up points fast. Based upon techniques of NBA pros, and principles of peak performance, your path to wizardry includes detailed insights on:

Pro mechanics.
Letting It Happen.
The Sage.
Your Undercurrent.
LeBron, Kobe, Curry, Allen and Michael Jordan.
The Hook.
Casual observation.
Perfect Rotation Every Time.
The Zone.
The Center of the Hoop.
30 Days to Mastery.
Much, much, much more….

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