Title: Out Came the Wolves (Dusk Book 1)
Author: Jesper Ersgård
Price: £0.99
Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

A wanted murderer and bank robber flees Sweden to seek refuge in Russia. Two cops are sent out to track him down and smuggle him back across the border to Sweden so he can be arrested. The mission takes them deep into the seedy, dark, underworld of Russia, filled with brutal violence and unspeakable crime.

As the cops close in on the wanted man, they realize they are not alone in their pursuit. Others are also looking for the robber. What dark secrets does he hide?

The cops soon find themselves hunted by an organized crime organization as well as the Russian police and they are forced to fight for their lives to get back to Sweden. The action pushes relentlessly toward its violent ending, which is as unexpected and shocking as it is brutal and bloody.

Out Came the Wolves is the first novel in a series about two Swedish cops, William and Julia. He: disfigured after a knife attack and despised by his colleagues for his uncompromising righteousness. She: smart, competent and beautiful but unstable after traumatic events in her past.

Out Came the Wolves was followed by Shadow of the Dead and Dance With the Devil. The print edition of the series was published in Swedish. Out Came the Wolves is the first of the three novels to be published in English.