Title: One Sixth of a Gill: a collection
Author: Jean Gill
Price: £0.99
Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 stars(5)

‘A rare treat’ – J.G. Harlond, author of ‘The Empress Emerald’
‘An eclectic mix – quite unputdownable’ – B.A. Morton, author of prize-winning crime novel ‘Mrs Jones’
Five-minute reads. Meet people you will never forget:the night photographer,the gynaecologist’s wife,the rescue dog.
Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders; from fantastic stories to blog posts, by way of love poetry.Fully illustrated by the author; Jean Gill’s original photographs are as thought-provoking as her writing. An out of body experience for adventurous readers. Or, of course, you can ’Live Safe’.Not for you the blind alley on a dark night, wolf-lope pacing you step for step as shadows flare on the walls.