Title: Children’s Book: ”Ollie and Dexter Go Trick or Treating” (Beginner Reading for kids 4-8) (The Adventures of Ollie and Dexter)
Author: Edel Sweeney
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Humor is an important learning tool for children, and this story uses lots of humor to get an important message of safety across. This story tells us about a little boy who finds himself lost while out trick or treating and is trying to find his way home.

The story is told in a light hearted manner while encouraging conversation between parent/guardian and child on safety issues, who to approach if a situation like this ever arises, and the importance of knowing details like a contact phone number or their home address. Using humor and adventure stories as an opportunity to discuss these issues with your child helps to avoid overwhelm and avoids any anxiety that may occur in a child in relation to this topic.

The message contained in the Ollie and Dexter series is one that needs to be repeated regularly to children to ensure it is absorbed. The characters are likable and attractive to young children, their story is an adventurous one, and ends happily. The parent will find it encourages lots of questions which may not have previously arisen, and therefore helps to prepare your child giving you both a stronger sense of security.

The combination of action, adventure, and humor in these stories serve to hold a child’s interest and are very effective in getting this important message across using a no-fear based approach.

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