Title: Make Your Book: The Author’s and Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers [Kindle Edition]
Author: Alexis Aronis
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Do You Want Your Book to be a Bestseller?

Whether you are making your first book, or simply making another new book, “Make Your Book – The Author’s & Writer’s Workbook Based on Bestsellers” is your key to creating your ideal book. Indeed, it is true that the content of a book is KING. It is also true that the appearance of a book is Queen. One objective of this book is research into the factors with the greatest impact on the relationship between King and Queen.

Another important feature of the book is the step-by-step approach that describes the design process so that the book will look good simultaneously as a paperback edition and electronic edition.

“Make Your Book” presents an action blueprint that simply and comprehensively presents the steps that writers need to follow when making their book using Createspace templates and Microsoft Word. It is a practical manual based on RESEARCH OF BESTSELLERS to assist the Author/Writer in exploring:

* The options in choosing the right Trim Size and opportunities in choosing suitable Aspect Ratio

* Detection of the most appropriate personal Category/Genre and the Rational of choices of Bestselling Authors

* Utilization of the Bestselling Zone and understanding of Mass Market Paperback

* The Flowchart of Book Reviews and the GAP or Success Threshold of Book Reviews with the Critical Number of 10 ~ 12 Reviews

* The Best Practices for implementing Templates, Themes, Styles and other Word-Processing techniques:

– Sections and Section Breaks

– Collaboration with Colleagues and Editors

– Comments and Track Changes

– Index and Document/Book Indexing