Title: Kid Ninja And The Notorious Nine
Author: M L Hollaway
Price: FREE till Sept 29, 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Bullying is a cruel, malicious and hateful intentional act set out to hurt another human being for no particular reason. It results in causing pain and hardship to the victims and their families. Bullying has a tendency of becoming a massive growing epidemic and we, being law-abiding citizens; have to prevent, stop bullying before the situation gets out of control. We all must make our contribution, as parents, children, teachers and students to create anti-bullying acts all over this country that will eliminate the first sign of bullying providing safety and peace to the children and all the civil people of this nation. Bullying is also a social problem because it is due to bullying that our children are afraid to go to school, their grades are slipping they become isolated and some may even hurt themselves. Our children are tomorrow’s leaders and we must do well protecting them and keeping them out of danger. #NOBULLYING This book tells us about a, Kevin Kulbreath, a fifth grade student being humiliated, beaten-up and threatened by bullies on everyday basis at school. In his imagination, he defends himself, but in reality, he never succeeds to do so. One day after school, Kevin runs into a Green Hornet video tape that belongs to his father, and is infatuated with Kato, better known as Bruce Lee. Kevin’s infatuation with Kato causes Kato to come to Kevin in a midnight dream and crowns him Kid Ninja. This crowning builds up Kevin’s confidence and helps him to defend himself and other classmates from the school’s bullies while transforming himself into Kid Ninja. Now that the school is free of bullies, Kid Ninja faces another enormous problem. One night while everyone is asleep, someone breaks into the elementary school and steals money, which was meant to pay for his class’s trip to Beijing, China. Knowing that this crime is too serious to be taken care of by Kid Ninja alone, Kevin holds a karate audition and searches for nine other kids with karate skills.

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