Title: Happy Habits: Energize Your Career and Life in 4 Minutes a Day
Author: Vicki Morris
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Learn to be Happier in Just 4 Minutes a Day

Are you unhappy with your work? Disappointed with your life?

Have you been looking for something new like a new job, city or house to make you happier and still feel the same a few months after you get it?

If so, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Author and Career Happiness Coach, Vicki Morris, is here to show us that we have the power to be happy now –within ourselves in the present moment. All we have to do is change our mindset and a few daily habits.

The key to success is to build energy-raising habits into our day so that we can become happier – no matter what our situation is. Happy Habits provides a fast, easy and effective way to deliver the needed energy and happiness boosts in just 4 minutes a day. The Happy Habit Method™ works because it combines proven happiness practices with a scientific habit creation method, which has been tested in the real world.