Title: Christians With Addictions
Author: N.E. Lang
Price: FREE till Sept 01, 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

We all have secrets and I am no different. In this book I even reveal a couple of my dirty little secrets. One is that I don’t really want to stop my addiction. I like the “high!” I just don’t want the guilt and shame that comes with it. I have been trying to fix myself for over 50 years and have made almost no progress. In fact if I were being totally honest I would have to admit that I am actually getting better at being an addict. After all I have had a lot of practice. Not something that I am proud of. Just a fact.
Imagine my surprise when I felt led to write a book on the “New Covenant” gospel and after more than 10 restarts I discovered that the Lord was actually leading me to write a book on “Recovery.” When I figured out that I was writing one way and being led another I had to laugh out loud. Who would have thought that I would be writing on a topic that I was more of a negative example than a positive one?
Yet unbeknownst to me the Lord was bringing a deep healing in my spirit, mind, and body. This healing was just about to reveal itself by allowing my addiction to fall away with no effort on my part. How this happened is what this little book is all about.
It is about how the Lord led me to realize that I not only wanted to be a Christian but to know him and to love him intimately. I started to make “Seeing Jesus” my prayer request. I had no idea what this meant in the physical world but I felt a deep need to know him and see him. I knew that I didn’t know how to go about this adventure and I would need his guidance and help.

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