Title: The 66 Secrets of Steve Jobs; The most complete step-by-step guide ever written on becoming the next Steve Jobs
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Think you know everything about Steve Jobs? Think different.

There are hundreds of writings mentioning Steve Jobs’ secrets, but there has been no major, final compendium . . . until now.

For this work, we did not interview Steve Jobs for years, nor his immediate family, nor the dozens of employees, nor vendors, nor family members. There was no need. There is enough information out there! The problem is that it is not ordered, and it is propagated everywhere. Yet, not a single document compiles all the secrets of Steve Jobs. So what we did was simple: we collected all we could on the issue (videos, blogs, books, articles; and, above all, the biography launched in late 2011 by Walter Isaacson, because it is the most complete document available). We analyzed it and organized it. We revealed, we obsessed, and we dreamed with him all night long, and in the end, we were certain that we had found all of the secrets. In the end, we found that there are 66 things that Jobs did that made him great.

Some Secrets you will learn reading this book:
• Do you know how many people Steve hired, personally conducting the job interviews? 11 secrets will help you understand the keys of human resources.
• Did you know you have to lose your inhibitions to be successful? 2 secrets will show you how to obtain fast decision-making from others, and we will share two incredible anecdotes from Jobs!
• Humanity’s drive, for good or bad, has been wars: for liberty, territory, power . . . also for Jobs. 2 great secrets will show you how to use that drive in your favor.
• It is super rare for someone to be extremely creative and disciplined at the same time, another key for Jobs. 4 secrets will help you achieve it.
• The traditional way of controlling money limits success. 3 secrets will allow you to get rid of the financial mindset!

… and much more!… (about strategy, marketing, advertising, leadership, entrepreneurship…)

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